RED – The Magazine from SIX

RED – The Magazine from SIX

RED showcases SIX: through gripping stories, informative background articles and interviews with fascinating personalities. On 21 September, employees of SIX will get their personal copy.

Focus of this issue

SIX has been propelling Switzerland’s financial industry forward for two decades and is now stepping on the gas again. RED reveals where speed works for Switzerland’s financial-market infrastructure and explains when it’s better to wait.

Blockchain: The Right Reaction to the Chain

British academic Michael Mainelli was already working on blockchains years before the term even existed. He explains why he finds the term “blockchain” inapt and describes what will remain of the actually not-so-new technology once the euphoria subsides.

Infographic: How Does SIX Swiss Exchange Work?

SIX Swiss Exchange’s trading platform brings market participants together and connects companies from around the world with international investors and trading participants. Providing a gateway to the capital market and acting as a trading venue are SIX Swiss Exchange’s two most important functions.

myAnalytics: Using card purchases to analyze customers

Merchants get to know their customers even better with myAnalytics from SIX. To develop the data analytics tool, SIX turned its mind in part to Alpine funicular operators with their diversified commercial offerings.

KIDS for PRIIPs: Behind Every Savvy Investor There Now Stands a KID

As of 2017, issuers of complex investment products will be required to declare the features, benefits and risks of their products in plain language that is clear and understandable to the general public.

Future Talk: Autonomous Driving

Oliver Bendel, machine ethicist, and Frank M. Rinderknecht, automotive visionary, on the future of automobiles, the challenges on the road to that future, fun gadgetry and harebrained inventions.

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