It has become vital for SIX that regulation in Switzerland for the financial market infrastructure match international standards and are recognized as equivalent. At the same time, it is important that the relevant provisions are proportionate and do not overshoot the mark.

As a consequence, SIX is at the heart of national and international industry organizations and committees. In this capacity, SIX actively helps to establish and harmonize international standards. In the long term, this contributes to strengthening the appeal and reputation of Switzerland.

Financial Market Infrastructure Act (FinfraG)

SIX welcomes the FinfraG, albeit with reservations. Read more here.

Financial Services Act and Financial Institutions Act

SIX calls for fundamental adjustments. Find our submission on the consultation here.

Swiss company law

The position of SIX on the revision of company law within the framework of the official consultation procedure.

Geldwäschereiverordnung FINMA

Am 23. Juni 2015 hat die FINMA die totalrevidierte Geldwäschereiverordnung veröffentlicht. Die Verordnung wird am 1. Januar 2016 in Kraft treten. Die Anliegen von SIX insbesondere im Bereich der neuen Zahlungsmethoden wurden von der FINMA grösstenteils berücksichtigt.