Outstanding energy efficiency

SIX has cut its electricity consumption at its Swiss locations by 27% in the last four years. In recognition of this performance, the Energie-Modell Zürich group has chosen to award it this year’s challenge trophy.

SIX Group CFO Dr. Stefan Mäder

Energie-Modell Zürich is a grouping of large companies that have undertaken to the Canton of Zurich and the Swiss federal government to improve their energy efficiency by a total of 43% by 2020, at the same time as reducing their CO2 emissions. SIX has been an active member of this group for 12 years, alongside firms such as UBS, Swiss Re and Zürcher Kantonalbank.

Energy efficiency is an important issue for a technology company like SIX, in the interests of environmental protection, but also on simple cost grounds. The members of SIX Real Estate Management unit therefore constantly evaluate how and where they can optimise the technical infrastructure in order to cut energy use.

For example, SIX has in the last few years upgraded the entire cooling system in its office buildings and data centres. The outdated wet coolers have been replaced by efficient new hybrid coolers. As a result, SIX is today able to produce around half of its annual cooling energy without the use of power-hungry chillers. At the same time, SIX is now using chillers with the natural coolant ammonia.

Thomas Frei, Head Maintenance SIX, and Andreas Schläpfer, Chairman of Energie-Modell Zürich

These and other measures have massively boosted the energy efficiency and driven down operating costs. Over the last four years, SIX has cut its electricity consumption by 27%. In the opinion of Energie-Modell Zürich, this performance was worthy of an award: SIX has received the group’s challenge trophy for its improved energy efficiency and excellent energy management in 2013/14. The trophy is awarded every two years to the company that has achieved the best performance.

Thomas Frei, Head of Maintenance and committed representative of SIX with Energie-Modell Zürich, accepted the prize with a beaming smile, together with CFO Stefan Mäder.