#SIXHackathon 2016 – a complete success! London & Zürich: the second #SIXHackathon has brought closer the two FinTech-Hubs of Europe Show photo gallery



#SIXHackathon? That's why!

What you could expect

This year #SIXHackathon has run simultaneously at Schiffbau in Zurich and RainmakingLoft in London in collaboration with RainmakingInnovation. We offered a virtual exchange between the two FinTech hubs in Europe, fun, challenging questions, exciting data sets, interaction with the FinTech community and networking opportunities with specialists from SIX who also took part. 

What we wanted you to do

SIX provided you with data and APIs (Application Programming Interface) from the FinTech scene. You worked in small teams. The aim was to present an expert jury with a prototype or a concept after 48 hours. You could either select a topic freely or take inspiration from one of the workshops on offer. You competed against around 120 participants.

Who was eligible to take part

In principle, any person over the age of 18 with an interest in FinTech was eligible to take part. Participants must have an affinity with and relevant skill-set in the areas of software development, graphic or interface design, banking and finance, marketing, project management or similar. You travelled to Zurich or London independently. 

What was in for you

You had the opportunity to prove your skills using real-life problems and present your ideas to an expert jury. We also offered an exciting, virtual exchange between two or Europe's FinTech hotspots, London and Zurich. We provided you with the inputs and information on the local FinTech scene and its representatives.


FinData + OpenData = Disruption

SIX has extensive financial data from a multitude of channels, providing the key to very valuable insights, especially when combined with external, open data sources. Aggregating, joining and mining all this heterogenuous data is an ideal match for Big Data and Machine Learning techniques, and could result in innovative solutions. This workshop will be co-facilitated with Open Data Switzerland.

Payments Make The World Go Round

Payments are the lifeblood of our economies - making them better benefits all of us. Here we invite you to look into the future of payments, dream up daring solutions, think about ways of removing barriers, making payments disappear, integrating seamlessly into applications, even about supporting use cases that cannot be monetized today. This workshop is sponsored by the SIX Paymit Innovation Field.

Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Beyond

With Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin being omnipresent, it is a safe bet that these technologies are going to shape the future of finance. What's more, having no clear winner yet presents a great opportunity. Choose this workshop to show how blockchains, and in particular Smart Contracts, can revolutionize the world of finance. This workshop is sponsored by the SIX Fintech Incubator F10.

Cognitive Computing in Fintech

This workshop will introduce participants to Convolutional Neural Networks and Deep Learning, on concrete examples such as the fraud detection system used at PayPal and an open source implementation of a Cognitive Process in R. The concepts of cloud based and API driven Cognitive Computing will also be explained. This workshop is presented by the IBM Cloud Ecosystem Development Team.


Hackathon in general

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Rainmaking Loft London, International House, 1 St Katharine's Way, London E1W 1UN, United Kingdom


Schauspielhaus Zurich/Schiffbau, Schiffbaustrasse 4, Zurich