Securities Services

Securities Services

SIX is a leading partner for stock exchanges and other trading platforms in Europe and operates Europe’s largest fully automated vault.

SIX Securities Services provides a range of post-trade services that play a key role for Switzerland’s financial market infrastructure. As a central counterparty (CCP) for securities transactions, SIX Securities Services assumes key risk management functions in clearing for the Swiss financial center and for international exchanges as well as alternative trading platforms.

In the subsequent settlement and custody processes, SIX Securities Services ensures the electronic settlement and finalization of transactions. SIX Securities Services also serves the Swiss financial center as the central securities depository (CSD) for assets and documents and acts as an international securities depository and custodian in over 65 markets.

SIX Securities Services additionally operates the platform for the electronic processing of land registry and mortgage transactions, as well as a trading platform for the monetary transactions of the Swiss National Bank and the settlement of interbank payments. Furthermore, SIX offers fiduciary management of registered mortgage notes, as well as electronic direct debits and electronic payments.

Key figures – fiscal year 2016  
Operating income (in CHF m) 377.4
EBIT (in CHF m) 70.6
Workforce (in full-time equivalents) as at 31/12 509.8
Number of settlement transactions (in 1,000)
Deposit volume (in CHF m) 3,150
Number of clearing transactions (in 1,000) 423,935
Number of payment transactions (in m) 511.7