SIX at a glance

SIX at a glance

SIX operates a competitive infrastructure for the Swiss financial center, catering to a broad, international client base. Its four business areas provide a comprehensive range of services in the areas of securities transactions, financial information processing and cashless payment transactions.

Facts and figures

In 2015, SIX generated an operating income of CHF 1,810.9 million, an operating profit of CHF 279.0 million and a record profit of CHF 713.7 million.

Key figures (fiscal year 2015) in CHF million
Total operating income
Operating profit
Earnings before interest and tax (EBIT)
Earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) without profit contribution of STOXX/Indexium 286.1
Group net profit
Balance sheet total 8,755.8
Workforce as at 31/12 (full-time equivalents) 3,858.2
  in %
Return on equity1
Equity ratio2
1 Average equity between 31/12/2014 and 31/12/2015
2 Total equity / (total adjusted liabilities + total equity); total adjusted liabilities (2015: CHF 726.9 million / 2014: CHF 841.9 million) equal total average liabilities (2015: 6,906.2 million / 2014: 6,651.1 million) less average payables from clearing & settlement (2015: CHF 6,111.2 million / 2014: CHF 5,751.0 million) less average negative replacement values from clearing & settlement (2015: CHF 68.1 million / 2014: CHF 58.1 million)

Standard & Poors’ ratings

SIX Group AG AA–
SIX x-clear AG AA

Global commitment of specialists

64% of the 4,058 employees work in Switzerland, and 36% are based at the international locations in 24 countries.