Focus: The Bank of Tomorrow

Focus: The Bank of Tomorrow

Switzerland’s financial industry is undergoing radical changes. Digitalization has the sector firmly in its grip amid a prevailing atmosphere of embarking on new beginnings. Where is the voyage headed? And what role can SIX play?

Banks are facing new competition in the area of payment transactions, just as they are in the lending business. So, what’s a bank to do if "more of the same" isn’t the answer? RED set out to investigate this question in collaboration with a business and economics journalist. Without any claim to exhaustiveness, four theses emerged. Even though it is hard to predict the future, SIX thinks about the needs of tomorrow and already provides some services to meet them.

1 The Bank of Tomorrow Has Fans and Followers

2 The Bank of Tomorrow Concentrates on Its Strengths

3 The Bank of Tomorrow Cooperates

4 The Bank of Tomorrow Knows What Customers Want