Corporate Responsibility

As a financial infrastructure service provider, SIX plays a central role in the Swiss economy. That's why it goes without saying that SIX has a sustainable corporate leadership strategy with a long-term perspective.

In 2015, SIX defined itself a new strategic framework for sustainability. Under the heading "Enabling a sustainable future", SIX focuses its efforts on the following principles:

Securing stability for an attractive financial centre

The forward-looking services provided by SIX help make Switzerland a more stable and attractive financial centre. The company is actively engaged in creating appropriate conditions at the national and international level. Through membership of and involvement in the relevant organizations, SIX supports Switzerland's sustainable development as a financial centre. SIX develops added-value services in the area of sustainability based on the needs of its customers.

A responsible employer

SIX is a responsible employer that respects and protects the diversity and personal integrity of all its employees. The company creates a working environment that provides opportunities for all employees and empowers them to give their best.

Working for the good of society and protecting the environment

As an internationally operating company, SIX believes it has a responsibility towards society as a whole and to the communities in which it is located. It also abides by local regulations. By conveying specialist know-how, SIX makes an important contribution to society. SIX is reducing its consumption of non-renewable resources and its CO2 emissions.



SIX Corporate Responsibility

Our responsibility for the financial market, our employees, the environment and society