“The change in banks’ business models is presenting us with new challenges”

“The change in banks’ business models is presenting us with new challenges”

Interview with Dr. Urs Rüegsegger, Group CEO

SIX aims to grow by 2% to 3% in the coming years. What are the key success factors for achieving this?
We have defined three strategic ­priorities for SIX: strengthening customer relations, increasing business volume and continuously improving productivity. Specifically, this means we have to know our clients, respond to their needs in a flexible and innovative way, drive projects forward with commitment and keep the time to market as short as possible. Clients expect us to deliver single-source solutions at competitive prices.

What does this mean on the cost side?
It means that we must keep our costs low in order to ensure our competitiveness. The focus will be on non-personnel costs, but to some extent cost-cutting measures will also be associated with job cuts. Wherever possible, the reductions will be achieved through natural fluctuation and affected employees will be supported with a social compensation plan as a minimum.

What can SIX expect in the ­coming years?
Looking ahead, we can see that a profound change has started to take place in the business models of banks – and therefore of our clients. Our business and, consequently, all of our employees will be faced with new challenges in the areas of market development, product development and productivity. This will challenge us, but it will also present us with opportunities.

How is SIX supporting its employees during this process of change?
By encouraging them to actively prepare for the expected changes and by ensuring that the developed strategies are widely supported. I believe it is essential to have competent line managers in place, which is why we are investing a great deal in management training. However, employees without ­managerial responsibilities also need opportunities, and that is why we have created the new career path model, which in particular offers our many specialists attractive career-building prospects. SIX intends to attract and retain ­talented people in this way.

What strategy is SIX pursuing in the area of sustainability?
We aim to make progress every year – I think this is the best way to describe our strategy. SIX is already active in many areas of sustainability and is seeing the fruits of these efforts. However, the measures have not been coordinated and integrated into a concept. So in 2013, we are beginning to develop a management approach for the aspects of sustainability that are relevant to SIX.