Getting to grips with Zurich

Getting to grips with Zurich

After an instructive morning, volunteers from SIX accompanied visually impaired people on an afternoon walk through the city center of Zurich. This gave them the opportunity to hear many personal stories.

First, the employees learned about the interior workings of the eye and the many causes of visual impairment.

They also found out about the aids that visually impaired people use to help them in their everyday lives: clocks that vibrate, speak or have an extra-large display.

Finally, the volunteers did an exercise which gave them personal experience of what it's like to trust someone blindly.

In the afternoon, they put what they had learned into practice.

During the tour of the city, the participants heard a lot about Zurich's past and the guests were guided to places where they could touch historic objects.

Many moving stories and life experiences were shared during the walk.

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