“We’re in the midst of a transformation.”

Group CEO Urs Rüegsegger on the business model of SIX

What challenges does the financial sector face at present?

Overall, it faces the megatrends that have already fundamentally altered other sectors: globalization, regulation, digitization. These developments have led to huge upheavals in other sectors over the past few decades. The same “wave” is now rolling towards the financial industry.

What is SIX doing about this?

Our diversified business model allows us to reduce our dependency on individual business areas and markets. That makes us financially stable – the best position from which to react appropriately to changing market requirements. We never stand still and we keep an eye on how our environment is changing. We, ourselves, are already in the midst of a transformation.

How does this transformation look, and what are the strategic considerations behind it?

First, we regard the challenges currently confronting the sector as growth opportunities for SIX. Services the financial market players cannot use to differentiate themselves can be outsourced to us. Second, we are aware that SIX needs to become even more agile and flexible if it is to remain a relevant partner for its clients in a dynamic economic environment. Our strategic directions for the period to 2019 are based on these two considerations: expanding our business volume, industrializing our business model, strengthening our capacity for innovation and enhancing our ability for transformation. The first specific examples of implementation are described on this website.

Strategic directions

Expansion of business volume

Thanks to effective economies of scale, SIX keeps prices competitive.

Strengthening of innovation capacity

SIX opens up new opportunities for its clients by providing innovative solutions.

Industrialization of business model

SIX increases its profitability through improved efficiency and cost discipline.

Enhanced capacity for transformation

SIX fosters the organization’s ability to develop further.

A new standard for ATMs

One for all

Thanks to ATMfutura, Swiss banks can save costs along the entire ATM value chain. In a business field where it is impossible to differentiate themselves. SIX is creating a universal software solution as the basis for a complete package of future services. Today there are over 20 individual solutions in use in the Swiss market, from four different manufacturers.

Financial services providers, scientists, FinTech companies, and start-ups are brought together under the umbrella of the newly formed association F10 Incubator & Accelerator.
As a cooperation partner of the Zurich Information Security and Privacy Center (ZISC) at ETH Zurich, SIX employs teaching and research in the field of information security.

Blockchain technology

Wikipedia for corporate actions

SIX wants to improve data quality and efficiency in the corporate action process, thus minimizing the risks. The X-Chain combines the wisdom of the crowd as used by Wikipedia with distributed ledger technology (blockchain). It allows market participants to validate corporate actions in collaboration. They share their knowledge in a kind of social network.


SIX Swiss Exchange

In order to enable its participants to execute these order types on more favorable terms, SIX successfully launched the new non-displayed liquidity pool, SwissAtMid.
With the Stage program SIX ensures that listing on the Swiss stock exchange continues to be attractive for small and medium-sized enterprises too.


SIX Securities Services

The real-time CO:RE trading platform for repo transactions, provides its participants liquidity in 14 currencies.
As the first system of its kind in Europe, the new Swiss real-time gross settlement system SIC is based on ISO 20022.

New location: Hard Turm Park

Strong together

One company: By relocating to Hard Turm Park, SIX is bringing its four Zurich offices together, nine years after the merger. The new building in Zurich West makes it easier to put teams together quickly and flexibly for project work, while at the same time ensuring better capacity utilization for part-time working and job sharing.


SIX Financial Information

With new services for tax and investor protection (IRS 871(m), PRIIP) SIX helps its clients navigate through the increasingly complicated regulatory landscape.
SIX won “Best Compliance Solution” at the Systems in the City Awards for its innovative Sanctioned Securities Monitoring Service.


SIX Payment Services

A joint national mobile payment system, known by the name of TWINT, unites the two existing systems, Paymit and Twint.
In record time, SIX equipped the Swiss Post with 5,000 payment terminals that accept all major debit and credit cards.


Embracing transformation

SIX Securities Services aims to establish itself as a service hub for the financial industry. In order to deal with transformation successfully, the business area is focusing even more strongly on the needs of its clients. In 2016 it therefore invested in relevant employee training courses. And new services were set up with strategic partners. The result: Client satisfaction improved significantly compared with 2015. 

Operating income

Key figures 2016

Operating income


in CHF million

2015 1802,2
2016 1810,9



in CHF million

2015 1802,2
2016 1802,2

EBIT adjusted

for special effects

in CHF million

2015 1810,9
2016 1810,9