Hosted start-up

Getting the ball rolling

As part of the hosted start-up program in the FinTech Incubator F10, Veezoo is able to make use of SIX’s infrastructure, coaching and data. In return, SIX benefits from the cultural exchange.

FinTech Incubator F10

In the Limmat Valley

A core team works with SIX employees, external specialists, start-ups and founders at the FinTech Incubator F10, taking an active role in the development of new technologies. 


No rest for the whizz kids

At the SIX Hackathon, small teams of talented young IT specialists work hard to find new solutions. Their goal: to present a top-class jury with a fully functioning prototype in just 36 hours.


Revving up for the future


Surprising collaborations with companies outside the financial sector, such as Rinspeed, help SIX develop targeted products and services for the benefit of its clients.


Innovation managers

Cultivating creativity

A cross-divisional team of innovation managers (pictured) and other employees is fostering a spirit of innovation throughout the company.

CEO Urs Rüegsegger on the theme of innovation

Urs Rüegsegger, CEO SIX Group

Urs Rüegsegger, CEO SIX Group

“Innovation is not a new phenomenon for us.”

Mr. Rüegsegger, what does innovation mean for SIX?

SIX has a long tradition of innovation. But for us, innovation is not a new phenomenon. For decades, SIX and its predecessor companies have contributed to making the Swiss financial center one of the most technologically advanced in the world. It goes back to the 1930s, when Ticker AG – later Telekurs AG and today SIX Financial Information – launched the stock ticker.

And in recent times?

In 1995 the Swiss stock exchange switched from floor trading to electronic trading; in 2015 we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the new system. Back then we were also the first stock exchange in the world to introduce full integration of the clearing and settlement of stock exchange transactions. We launched another innovation, Paymit, in 2015.

How strongly is innovation anchored in the corporate culture?

Our employees must have the opportunity to participate actively by contributing their ideas, developing innovative approaches unhampered by day-to-day business and bringing appropriate solutions to market readiness within a short time. We must also be in a position to recognize relevant technological trends promptly and harness them for our business.

Year-on-year comparison

in CHF million

2014 1802,2
2015 1810,9

Share per region

in percent

Switzerland 63,9
Luxembourg 13,0
Austria 11,8
Rest of Europe 8,7
Rest of world 2,6

Key figures 2015


* Adjusted for STOXX/Indexium

Year-on-year comparison

in CHF million

2014 265,4
2015 286,1

Share per segment

in percent

Payment Services 30,8
Swiss Exchange 25,3
Financial Information 18,8
Securities Services 16,4
Corporate and Elimination 8,6

Key figures 2015


Year-on-year comparison


2014 4024
2015 4058

Share per segment

in percent

Payment Services 28,7
Financial Information 26,7
Securities Services 13,1
Swiss Exchange 4,3
Global IT 19,6
Corporate Functions 7,6

All four business areas post operating growth on a currency-adjusted basis, in spite of the difficult environment. SIX records the best operating result in its history.

The “Innovation@SIX” project becomes a fully integrated business project and a cornerstone of the SIX strategy.

On 15 January 2015, the day the euro exchange-rate floor is discontinued, SIX's infrastructure demonstrates its ability to cope with very high volumes without compromising on quality.

Ring trading has been a thing of the past in Switzerland since 1995. SIX celebrates 20 years of electronic trading.

16 years after it first went live, SIX migrates the payment system for euro payments (euroSIC) to a new platform. This meets the latest ISO standards for international payment services.

As part of the major European TARGET2-Securities project, SIX becomes the first central securities depository from a non-EU country to offer its clients direct access to the new European Central Bank settlement platform.


Financial Information

Originally founded as Schweizerische Ticker AG, SIX Financial Information celebrates its 85th birthday, making it the business area with the longest history.

The relaunch under the name SIX iD makes the display of reference and market data even more user-friendly. New clients join soon after the launch.

SIX launches the Paymit mobile payment solution. It wins the Best of Swiss Apps award.

Even before the Christmas shopping period starts, SIX processes more than one billion transactions in the Europe-wide acquiring business for the first time.

Corporate Responsibility

Conscious of its responsibility towards all financial center players, SIX lays down a new strategic framework for sustainability in 2015. Under the motto “Enabling a sustainable future”, SIX focuses on three areas of activity:

Financial Center

  • Stability for the Swiss financial center
  • Ensuring the attractiveness of the financial center by creating best general conditions
  • Participation in relevant associations and organizations
  • Development of forward-looking services


  • Fair and responsible employer
  • Promotion of personal growth and development
  • Respect for and protection of diversity and personal integrity

Environment & society

  • Responsible use of resources
  • Compliance with human rights and employee rights
  • Corporate volunteering: participation in environmental and social projects
  • Wertpapierwelt museum