The „Exchange“ provides you with 220 square meters of floor space, easily to be converted to 260 square meters. Framed by outstanding architecture, this room offers you maximum flexibility.

Copyright: Christian Dancker / amiado group

Copyright: Christian Dancker / amiado group

Thinking bigger? No problem: the sidewalls of Exchange can be retracted and suddenly the entire atrium area and adjacent Bid and Ask rooms are at your disposal. More than 1'000 square meters provide sufficient space for practically any event.

But also when it comes to technology, Exchange is state-of-the-art. The widest range of audiovisual applications offer even the most discerning guests a tailor-made multimedia experience

Seating Variations Exchange

Variation 1: 200 - 240 seats

Variation 2: 60 seats

Variation 3: 100 - 130 seats