Prices and Conditions

Our full and half-day prices can be found below. Whether your seminar lasts an entire week or your meeting just two hours, we can help. Ask us about our attractive prices and conditions (prices in CHF, excluding VAT).

Room (Occupancy) hour 0.5 day 1 day
ConventionPoint in total (400) 10,000 10,000 10,000
Exchange (200 - 240) 1,300 3,000 4,200
Auditorium (100) 950 2,300 3,200
Bid & Ask (40) 750 1,600 2,300
Bid (20) 450 920 1,200
Ask (20) 450 920 1,200
Decision (30) 550 1,200 1,800
Executive (18) 150 400 600
Catering area 500 500 900
The half day fee applies to bookings until 12.00 pm (noon) or starting at or after 12 pm (noon) and not exceeding a time span of 6 hours. The crucial factor for the applied booking time is the room usage of the plenary hall. This includes the time needed for preparation work or finishing activities by the customer inside the booked room.


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Services included

  • Consultancy previous to the event
  • Rooms including standard infrastructure
  • Technically trained personnel to set up standard infrastructure, at most 30 minutes
  • Reception and accompaniment of our clients throughout the event by one ConventionPoint relationship manager

Additional personnel

Individual event support, such as reception hostesses or cloakroom attendants will be invoiced at the rate of CHF 120 per person per hour. Personal technical support throughout the event will be invoiced at a rate of CHF 150 per technician per hour.

General Terms and Conditions