What you can expect

What you can expect

Benefit from a structured program: Besides a modern working environment we offer you network events, work placements in Switzerland and abroad as well as mentoring and individual development.

  • Let us show how we appreciate, promote and support our graduates. We welcome creativity, individuality and fresh ideas.
  • Work in a modern working environment with flexible working models and structures.
  • Spend 18 months gaining insight into the digital world of securities trading and settlement and of financial information and payments.
  • Use the graduate program as a springboard for your successful career at SIX: start your career with five program tracks (details below) and receive optimum support on your path.
  • Be guided through the intensive program by a mentor and benefit from the long-standing experience of a senior employee.
  • Take on responsibility quickly and learn by solving on-the-job challenges.
  • Expand your knowledge through off-the-job training, the combination of which is tailored to you individually.
  • Gain initial international experience by taking advantage of work placements abroad.
  • Build up relationships throughout the company by working in different areas.
  • Show us what you can do and benefit from attractive compensation models.
  • Working hours: full time

Start your career with these five program tracks:

Joint program elements

Build your network fast within the company: Exchange information at network events with management staff regarding various topics and maintain good relationships with the other graduates.

Work placements

The work placements allow you to learn on the job, giving you the chance to get to know different business areas and locations (in Switzerland and abroad).

Promotion of behavioural and career-path skills

Through this track you can supplement learning at the workplace with off-the-job learning. We work together with you to create a development plan with the right courses to help you accelerate your personal development.

Project work

Work in a comprehensive project, contribute your know-how and improve your project management skills.

Mentoring incl. individual development

Work together with a mentor and benefit directly from their long-standing experience. Apply their network to drive your development and career.

SIX at a glance

SIX operates the infrastructure underpinning the Swiss financial sector and offers a comprehensive range of services around the world in the fields of securities trading and settlement, financial information and payment transactions. The company is owned by its users: around 130 banks with a wide range of focuses and differing sizes. SIX operates a competitive infrastructure for the Swiss financial centre, catering to a broad, international client base. Within four business areas, SIX provides services relating to securities transactions, the provision of financial information and cashless payment transactions.

We offer you an insight into our different business areas, a training programme tailored to your needs and the opportunity to gain some initial experience abroad. We invest in your development and help you to build up your specialist knowledge and soft skills.