Application tips

Things you should do before applying for a position at SIX.

  1. Read the job advertisement thoroughly and consider whether you fulfill the requirements for the position. The job profile including the qualifications and experience desired is a key part of the advertisement.

  2. Underline the most important terms in the advertisement. Every advertisement begins with details of the business area, its size, the location, products and market position. This is followed by information about the area of responsibility and details of the requirements.

  3. Take a sheet of paper and note your qualifications, training and experience on one side and the skills and experience asked for in the job advertisement on the other.

  4. Take your self-analysis and your CV and highlight your achievements and strengths. Compare your achievements and strengths with those discussed in the job advertisement or those which you believe are important for the advertised position.

  5. Write your covering letter. Highlight your qualifications and experiences which are sought after in the advertisement and back these up with with concrete, practical examples. Point out your strengths and achievements which you think are important for the advertised position.