Legal aspects

There are several things you should consider when you apply online.

The information and job offers published on the Careers website relate to SIX Group Ltd and its group companies (hereafter referred to as “SIX”).

Contacting SIX Human Resources

Your personal data will be transmitted via a publicly accessible network (i.e. the Internet). Potentially, the data may be forwarded internationally and without control, even if both the sender and addressee are situated in Switzerland. It is therefore possible that third parties may gain access to your data.

Data protection

By sending the job application form to SIX, the applicant acknowledges that he/she agrees that:

  • the data pertaining to any potential employment relationship may be stored and processed by SIX and, under circumstances, forwarded to another group company. As a result, the data could reach other countries that do not have laws on data protection that meet the standard of data protection as applied in Switzerland;
  • if the application process does not result in a contract of employment, the relevant data may be stored by SIX for a period of six months after the unsuccessful application. After that time, the data will be deleted; and
  • the applicant will not be notified that the data has been deleted. 

Exclusion of liability

SIX assumes no liability whatsoever for any damages incurred by the applicant as a result of the transmission of personal data via the Internet. By sending an e-mail message to SIX, or by completing the contact form available at, the applicant acknowledges that:

  • he/she has noted and is in agreement with the legal aspects indicated herein; and
  • the information that he/she has provided to SIX in electronic and/or written form is true and correct. 

Work permit

In the canton of Zurich, non-Swiss job applicants can obtain information regarding work permits from the Office for Economy and Labor at Amt für Wirtschaft und Arbeit (AWA).