Culture and values

Culture and values

Based on its vision and strategy, SIX has developed three value pairs. The value pairs are lived out by the employees in their dealings with clients, partners and each other and accordingly shape the corporate culture.

Passion & Pride

We provide high-quality services because we approach our work with passion and put our strengths into play with conviction and pride. We believe in what we do. Dedication and a will to succeed mean that we make a difference - to the benefit of our clients, employees, shareholders and the Swiss financial center. 

Respect & Trust

Respect and trust are the result of a cooperative relationship, a climate of high regard, fairness and recognition as well as open and honest communication within and beyond the organization. A sense of responsibility determines our actions towards clients, employees and shareholders. They are our partners - they can rely on us.

Innovation & Openness

Innovation and openness are the driving forces of creativity, continual improvement, long-term growth and sustainable added value. We encourage diversity with a view to steadily extending our competitive edge and have the foresight to develop innovative products for the use of our customers throughout the world.