Social and ecological commitment from SIX Group

Fundraising campaign for disaster relief in Japan - More than 400 registrations for Social Day in Switzerland.

SIX Group held an internal fundraising campaign for earthquake victims in Japan, as part of which all donations made by employees were doubled by the company. The Swiss Red Cross was invited to the SIX Group headquarters in the stock exchange building in Zurich on 20 April, where they were presented with a cheque to the value of 160,000 Swiss francs. In tandem with this fundraising event, SIX Group has organized its first Social Day, with more than 400 employees demonstrating their commitment by participating in social and ecological events.

Urs Rüegsegger, CEO of SIX Group, together with Fritz Hediger, Head of Global Sales at SIX Telekurs and representative of SIX Telekurs Tokyo, presented the donation to Lukas Sallmann, Director of Marketing and Communication at the Swiss Red Cross. The money will be used by the Japanese Red Cross to provide disaster relief locally. We are proud to be part of an international company that is both compassionate and can be relied on to help in difficult times. " We hope that the donation will reach those suffering in the disaster area as soon as possible, " says Alain Delfosse, Managing Director of SIX Telekurs in Tokyo.

As part of its corporate responsibility program, SIX Group has started a corporate volunteering program this year. All employees in Switzerland are able to spend one day in May or September participating in social or ecological projects. More than 20 projects have been organized, ranging from computer courses for the elderly or disabled, to excursions with the physically disabled or even environmental protection projects at Neeracher Ried or Üetliberg, for example. The response from employees far exceeded what was expected; more than 400 people are registered for Social Day and a further 120 are on the waiting list. "We are very impressed that our employees have responded so enthusiastically to our commitment to social projects. This tells me that our staff members are willing to accept responsibility and that our values are not just empty words, but are being put to good use in our company," says Urs Rüegsegger.