Done it! SIX apprentices complete their courses successfully

Done it! SIX apprentices complete their courses successfully

All 17 of SIX's apprentices and interns who sat their final course exams this year managed to pass them. They are now professionals, and we congratulate them on that.

It was a demanding time, but it's come to a successful end: 17 apprentices and interns at SIX have passed their final exams. Two of them, application developers Mario Filipovic and Rouven Fries, were especially successful and achieved the marks of 5.6 and 5.5 respectively. An outstanding performance!

SIX congratulates its apprentices on passing their final examination!

And, as is only right and proper, the start of professional life was marked in style, with a celebration.
Group CFO Stefan Mäder, speaking as a representative of the Executive Board, addressed the graduating apprentices, their mentors, line managers and colleagues. The traders and IT specialists then had a chance to review the 3 and 4 years respectively that they'd spent learning their jobs in whatever way they thought appropriate. Once the official 90 minutes or so were over, the celebration continued with a party in the Cafeteria, where there was a generous and high-class buffet laid on, as well as alcohol-free cocktails mixed by the 2nd year apprentices.

“At SIX, we take pride in being able to give so many apprentices a practical grounding in their jobs at various locations. We're right alongside them from the moment they're selected until the day they graduate, and time and time again, we're delighted to see how these young people develop and become adults and professionals”, said Claudia Hungerbühler, Head of Commercial Apprentices and Diego Suter, Head of IT Apprentices, rejoicing.