To benefit from SIX Corporate Bonds' sources of liquidity, generated by its unique market model, you will have to become a participant. The simple onboarding process can be completed within four weeks.


For new participants, we aim to provide a simple and transparent "onboarding" procedure. We support institutions competently and reliably during the entire process.

The onboarding factsheet provides a compact overview of the connectivity process and all relevant milestones. Fundamentally, the connectivity process can be broken down into two subsets that can be handled and completed in parallel: business setup and operational setup.

Business setup

The goal of the business setup is to obtain regulatory and legal approval of your institution as a SIX Corporate Bonds trading participant. The application form required for participation must be completed in full, legally signed and forwarded to SIX Corporate Bonds.

For further information on the business setup, please contact:

Operational setup

In terms of the operational setup, the focus is on establishing problem-free technological connectivity, whereby SIX Corporate Bonds offers various connectivity options.

For further information on the operational setup, please contact either:

Or Member Services, for any questions or assistance about network/connectivity, specifications, interfaces, application development and implementation.