Financial Risk Management & Cyber Security Forum

Financial Risk Management & Cyber Security Forum

Risk Management and Cyber Security in the DX Era

09:45 - 18:05
Date Wednesday, 18 November 2020, 09:45 am - 06:05 pm (Japan Standard Time)
Location Online
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The emergence of the Novel Coronavirus is poised to effect great change in global society. The digitalization of industrial processes has accelerated, and Digital Transformation (DX) has become an essential consideration in the world of finance as well.

At the same time, the rapid advancement of digitalization has also led to an increase in cyberattacks, digital money laundering and other cybercrimes. The heavy consequences of failing to manage these risks have also become an important topic for administrators. Given these current trends, our next forum will consider counterstrategies for risk management and cybersecurity as we enter this new normal.

Please note that this event will be held in Japanese.


Toshiaki Sunagawa
Head Sales Support Operations Japan
Financial Information, SIX

Isidro de Prat
Senior Sales Manager,
Financial Information, SIX


02:50 pm - 03:30 pm  Financial Risk Indicators Provided by SIX (ESG and Economic Sanctions Risk)
Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, SIX provides services supporting financial securities businesses and the administration of securities exchanges, the provision of financial information, payment and clearing services, and cybersecurity.

The Japanese version of the “Stewardship Code,” which was revised in March of this year, indicates that as institutional investors seem to be seeking asset managers that incorporate environmental, social and corporate governance considerations, there appears to be a heightening interest in ESG. Addressing this specific need, SIX will introduce new services that provide ESG data which incorporate information from Social Networking Services. Another trending topic in domestic financial institutions is the need to be able to mitigate risk by observing specific restrictions and sanctions in each international market where they conduct business, so SIX will also introduce its Sanctioned Securities Monitoring Service which has received high acclaim in Japan and around the world.