Your role in a snapshot

Here's a more detailed overview of what you'll be working on. The role is based in Zurich, but expect a lot of traveling.

You'll be a major contributor to all aspects of an investment from sourcing, evaluating and winning a deal to supporting our portfolio companies. As part of the investment team you'll help us make sure that we see all relevant deals by proactively finding startups, taking care of incoming leads, building great relationships with various stakeholders in the ecosystem and helping maintain and develop our global brand, reputation and network.

Consider an Associate role at SIX FinTech Venture Fund as one of the fastest ways to learn, build your network, and advance your career. You'll get a ridiculous amount of independence, combined with the ability to learn from us as well as the amazing founders of portfolio companies.
  • You have a huge passion for startups and technology, an entrepreneurial mindset and an insatiable desire to learn. We're all bullish about ML and AI, but until machines will take over our jobs we want to add some super strong non-artificial AI to our team
  • You have 1-2 or more years of experience in the tech industry, be it as a startup employee/founder or as a VC. If you're coming from an investment bank we'll still consider you if you are a nice person otherwise
  • You're a digital native. If someone in your family has an IT problem, you're usually the one who has to fix it. Extra points for engineers and coders
  • You have excellent analytical skills and you love to work with numbers. Turning raw data into a cohort analysis? You'll figure it out!
  • Self-organization and task prioritization are your strengths. You can work autonomously, but you're also a great team player.
  • You're fluent in English. Further language skills like German are a big plus
  • Efficiently and effectively communicate is to expect. Extra points if you're a good writer
  • You're knowledgeable and passionate about a topic like FinTech, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, machine learning or some other hot sh*t, and you aspire to become a renowned expert in your field.
  • Possibility to work for 80 - 100%


If you're interested we'd like to ask you to send us:

(1) your CV, diplomas, reference letters and any other information you think might be helpful

(2) the URLs or usernames of your professional online presences (LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora,...) as applicable

(3) your thoughts about three out of the following questions:
  • What is your favorite company and why?
  • We have a CHF 50M fund. How many companies do you think we should invest in? Why this number?
  • Are there any cryptocurrencies or crypto projects you are particularly excited about? Why?
  • Is there a VC in the US that you admire?
  • Do you know a startup that you think we should invest in?

If you have any questions, please call Arzu Güzelgün +41 58 399 48 41.

We only accept online direct applications.
Arzu Güzelgün
Human Resources
+41 58 399 48 41