Five Reasons Why You Should Apply for the #SIXHackathon

Five Reasons Why You Should Apply for the #SIXHackathon

Some weeks ago Santa Claus was knocking on our doors, now it's the #SIXHackathon that's knocking. This is the fourth time that we have prepared ourselves to open our doors for 160 software developers, entrepreneurs, designers and business people. We invite everyone who is interested in revolutionizing the financial industry to join our fourth edition of the #SIXHackathon from 16 to 18 March 2018.

What the Hack?

First things first: what is the #SIXHackathon?

Our hackathon is a 48-hour-long programming competition during which software programmers, graphic and interface designers, and subject-matter-experts create a usable solution to a problem. Hackathons tend to have a specific focus, and that is the case at the #SIXHackathon, too. It aims to create new fintech ideas and prototypes that will change the financial industry.

The #SIXHackathon provides a venue for self-expression and creativity through technology, offering you the possibility to collaboratively code a unique prototype from scratch.

As every year, we have created four challenges for you:

  1. Work out new ways how to build services on top of financial APIs
  2. Create investment tools for long-term and sustainable growth and development
  3. Invent a regtech-powered banking service
  4. Develop a user experience in fintech that will shape human behavior positively through technology

Within these challenges you can visit dedicated workshops, get the data you need and network with experts about these current issues in the financial industry.

We will take care of all your physical needs. You will let your creative mind flow. In the end a panel of judges will choose the winner.

This is a good opportunity for everyone to learn how to develop, to network and to meet new friends.

Klaus Fuchs PhD student, ETH Zürich

Why We Love the #SIXHackathon

There are a lot of  reasons why we organize a hackathon:

Innovation. Our main goal is to stay innovative and constantly spot new development opportunities. By matching our current way of doing things with people who think differently, new opportunities arise.

Influence. In order to stay innovative, it is important for us to be a part of the ecosystem and to play a big role in the fintech scene.

In order to create innovative solutions that have the potential to be successful, interdisciplinary teams are tremendously important. This is why non-developers are highly encouraged to join either the #SIXHackathon or our recently established pre-challenge, the SIX IdeaRace.

Within our new ideation bootcamp, we will prepare you to generate ideas in record time (48h). F10 coaches will support you with dedicated idea-generation techniques, in order for you to come up with the brightest idea. If your idea is outstanding, you'll win a place at the #SIXHackathon, where you might find a team to prototype your idea.


What Happens After the #SIXHackathon?

There are three possible outcomes for you. Surely we will discover talents for SIX. If your idea is outstanding, it could become a project within SIX and be implemented later as a product.

If both you and we are very convinced of your prototype's potential, you could found your own startup. Within our new program, the FinTech Games, we will even support you with crowdfunding and accelerate your start-up until it is ready to become an established company. 

To sum it up, there are five main reasons why you should apply:

  1. Network with industry experts
  2. Find new friends with the same interests and learn from each other
  3. Have a fun weekend
  4. Raise your chance to win your own start-up
  5. Rock fintech!