"We help to move the industry forward."

"We help to move the industry forward."

In a video interview, Tony Shaw, Head Sales UK & Ireland, reviews current challenges and talks about the main focus for the present and future.

The FIX EMEA Trading Conference 2019 took place in London on March 14 against a market backdrop dominated by widespread geopolitical and regulatory uncertainty, along with growing recognition among industry stakeholders that digitalization will reshape many of the existing processes in trade execution and beyond.

SIX was present at the conference, and Tony Shaw, Head Sales UK & Ireland, SIX, was interviewed about the challenges the Swiss Stock Exchange is facing and how SIX is contributing to the evolution of the industry. Besides informing clients about the success of SwissAtMid and the introduction of new Plus orders, Tony Shaw talks about SIX Digital Exchange and how it will place SIX at the center of the financial infrastructure providers of the future.

In a very successful 2018, the Swiss Stock Exchange saw trading volumes in its equity segment rise by almost 5% to reach well over CHF 1'100 billion, while its market share rose to 70.8%. Twelve listings – among them the third-largest IPO in Europe – represent the highest number of initial public offerings in 17 years. SwissAtMid allows the execution of Swiss equities in a non-displayed pool at the mid-point of the lit order book of SIX. Since launch, over CHF 20 billion have been traded.

These values demonstrate the appeal of SIX as a venue for listing and trading. At the same time, the Swiss Stock Exchange has continuously invested in the enhancement of its systems to continue to provide good trading conditions for Swiss securities and strengthen its position as their reference market.

SIX Digital Exchange: a new era for capital markets infrastructures

With SIX Digital Exchange (SDX), SIX is building a fully integrated trading, settlement and custody infrastructure for digital assets, bankable and non-bankable. SDX is conceived to establish the same levels of security, transparency, accountability and oversight that clients of SIX enjoy today.