Why Lifelong Learning through Online Courses Makes Us Not Just More Successful, but also More Innovative

Why Lifelong Learning through Online Courses Makes Us Not Just More Successful, but also More Innovative

The era of continuing education taking place exclusively in seminar rooms is over. Employees have aspirations and an entitlement to learn new skills and applications quickly and in an uncomplicated way. With that scope in mind, SIX has expanded its learning offerings by adding numerous online courses.

The World Economic Forum projects that at least 54% of all employees will need extensive reskilling and upskilling in new technologies and work methods by 2022 due to the increasing digitalization of the economy, which requires different skill sets from workers. At the same time, employees of SIX want customized learning programs and knowledge formats that they can flexibly integrate into their daily routine.

For SIX, as a driver of the transformation of the financial market, providing continuing education and training to employees is an absolute necessity. Our infrastructures must function flawlessly around the clock every day of the year. It is essential to protect these systems and safeguard their security. To do that, we need employees who possess vast IT know-how that is always up to date. Moreover, SIX continually incorporates new technologies into its systems, works on improving customer engagement models, and develops new products. This creates a need for new work methods, skills, and processes. “We have to keep pace with developments and accordingly formulate the right specifications for our learning offerings,” says Karl-L. Knispel, the Head of Learning & Development at SIX. “Lifelong learning is the key to achieving our corporate objectives.”

SIX is building out its continuing education offerings with “Udemy for Business ”. SIX has introduced this online learning platform for its more than 2,700 employees in 20 countries, who have unlimited access to over 2,500 courses on software development, IT, leadership, marketing, sales, and soft skills. There is even a wide selection of certification courses on offer. Through Udemy for Business, all employees can learn and deepen their knowledge on a daily basis via PC or mobile app with just a small investment of time.

Digital educational content is available at all times and can be rapidly assimilated and practically applied by workers. But it also has another advantage: animation and videos enhance the presentation and communication of complex content, enabling blocks of knowledge to be portioned in a way that makes them easier to understand. Karl-L. Knispel says that “one of the biggest advantages in a highly competitive environment is possessing more knowledge. Our aim with our Learning & Development offerings is to support our employees in their efforts to drive the transformation of the financial market. That strengthens staff retention and nurtures innovation throughout the entire company.”