Become a Master in Derivatives – Online

Become a Master in Derivatives – Online

The Derivatives Master Class offered by the Swiss Stock Exchange enjoys an excellent reputation among derivatives professionals. The Swiss Stock Exchange is now making this Master Class accessible via an innovative blended learning method.

Derivatives trading is a closed book for outsiders. But even professionals dealing with derivatives on a daily basis, regularly discover new aspects of this challenging topic. Now they have a unique opportunity to keep pace with a rapidly changing environment. Since October the Swiss Stock Exchange has been offering the Derivatives Master Class (DMC) together with Nosco Partners. The DMC is aimed at experienced market participants who work in the futures and options markets. The course teaches participants how derivatives are used in various markets and by different customer groups, how risks, both to banks and the economy, are modeled, managed and calculated.

Flexible 10-week Master Class in 7 Modules

Several aspects make this course particularly attractive. The fact that DMC offers exclusive learning content via a blended learning program gives busy professionals maximum flexibility. And despite the virtual nature of the program, it is very interactive, enabling students to network with each other and communicate directly with their coaches. The DMC is an intensive master class over a period of around 10 weeks. It comprises 7 online modules, which can be worked through systematically at your own speed. It combines e-learning, coach support and regular webinars.

By completing the DMC students obtain credits for two other certificates “Qualified Independent Wealth Manager SAAM” and “SAQ Re-Certification for Client Advisor”.

Interactivity is not just a buzzword for us – we actually put it into practice.

Lorenzo Martino, Head Education at the Swiss Stock Exchange

Keep Your Derivatives Knowledge Fresh

In a market that is constantly evolving, knowledge has an expiry date. What is relevant today might be outdated tomorrow. “As an innovative international player the Swiss Stock Exchange is committed to providing market players with the greatest possible up-to-date knowledge in finance, as the entire market stands to benefit from this,” explains Lorenzo Martino, Head of Education at the Swiss Stock Exchange.

To live up to this ambitious goal the Swiss Stock Exchange has chosen Nosco Partners to deliver its Derivatives Master Class (DMC). Nosco Partners specializes in training derivatives professionals and has years of experience in providing training programs based on their own unique learning method.

We would not compare ourselves yet with video games in terms of graphics and visuals, but we have achieved an amazing level in terms of intellectual stimulation.

Blended Learning: the Best of Two Worlds

The DMC uses blended learning making it much more than “just” an e-learning course. Blended learning combines the best of two worlds: face-to-face training and e-learning. Every second week the hour-long coaching webinars allow direct communication between students and coaches and are a key component of the course. “Interactivity is not just a buzzword for us – we actually put it into practice,” explains Martino.

Digital learning allows students to study whenever and wherever they choose and at the pace that suits them. The biggest benefit of an e-course is that it provides interactive, hands-on training with learning by doing. Instructors can ask participants questions, just like in a face-to-face course. Market simulations that form part of the course are particularly valuable. “We would not compare ourselves yet with video games in terms of graphics and visuals, but we have achieved an amazing level in terms of intellectual stimulation,” explains Martino. “For instance, course participants can change variables in graphics. The graph becomes a multi-dimensional experience. It makes students understand much better how derivatives behave when markets change,” continues Martino. As a consequence, students get to define how they should behave in specific market environments – whether they should buy or sell – and to better understand what it is that they are, in fact, buying or selling.

More on the Derivatives Master Class

The short video explains how the Derivatives Master Class is structured and what you can expect. Watch the video to learn more.