Payment Slips Are Being Discontinued – Companies Recognize the Need to Take Action

Payment Slips Are Being Discontinued – Companies Recognize the Need to Take Action

As of 30 September 2022, payments will no longer be possible in Switzerland using the red and orange payment slips. By this date at the latest, all Swiss companies must be able to issue QR-bills.

According to the latest survey results from the research institute gfs.bern, 93% of the companies questioned are aware that they have to make the switchover. However, only 40% of the 1,252 CFOs questioned are not aware of the precise date on which current payment slips will be discontinued. The progress companies have made on the changeover also varies. For micro-companies, in particular, there is a risk that they will no longer be able to issue invoices based on the IS/ISR procedure from the end of September 2022.

Progress in Switching to the QR-bill Varies

15% of the companies surveyed already use the QR-bill to issue invoices today and 42% plan to switch to it by the third quarter of 2022 at the latest. However, 16% state that they will not switch to the QR-bill and 27% of the CFOs do not know how their own companies will react to payment slips being discontinued.

Compared with German-speaking Switzerland, a far larger majority of those surveyed in French and Italian-speaking Switzerland are not aware of the date on which the current payment slips will be discontinued. In industry-specific terms, agricultural companies, trade and manufacturing industry are particularly lacking in awareness of the situation while the services sector is further ahead. Among other factors, this is due to the fact that the switch is more complex in the services sector because of the large number of invoices and must therefore be planned further in advance.

Swiss companies rate the change positively in most cases. They mainly view the QR-bill as a necessary alternative to the current payment slips.

eBill Wins Plaudits

The survey, which was carried out from April to May on behalf of SIX, also shows that those that have already switched to the fully digital solution eBill believe that it offers added value both for their customers and their internal payment processes. Accordingly, 53% of these companies are very satisfied with it and a further 30% are rather satisfied.