Dealing with double taxation across multiple jurisdictions can have a serious impact on your portfolio performance. How can you get more? What are the key processes you need to bear in mind? And what kind of  expertise do you need to help improve after-tax returns for your clients?

The Swiss Stock Exchange, together with Global Custodian, invites you to join a webcast, where some of the industry’s leading experts explore the value and challenges of tax services.

Besides the reduction of double-taxation and the importance of efficient after-tax performance, the session will explore the implementation of such services and the value they create for clients.

When: Tuesday July 7, 2020 10:30 am CET

Our panel of experts:

  • Richard Schwartz, Special Projects Editor, Global Custodian
  • Christophe Lapaire, Head of ATS, The Swiss Stock Exchange, SIX
  • Roman von der Höh, Global Head of Tax Services, Avaloq
  • Philipp Mitterbauer, Head of Tax, Ruffer
  • Jürg Stalder, Senior Product Manager, Financial Information, SIX

This webinar will explore the following areas:

  1. Looking back at the industry’s collective efforts over the past couple of decades, what has been achieved in tax services and what remains a challenge?
  2. Where should investment managers place tax services on their list of priorities?
  3. How do you quantify the impact of after tax performance on investment returns?
  4. Where do tax services sit on the continuum of securities services automation, for example between settlement (highly automated) and corporate actions (highly resistant)?
  5. Given their complexity, what are the options for outsourcing tax services?

Webinar recording