Commercial Apprenticeship

Commercial Apprenticeship

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Vocational Training as a Commercial Apprentice

Commercial knowledge forms the basis of our services and innovations. As a commercial trainee at SIX you are given professional, practice-oriented, and broadly based vocational training. You get to know the various areas of SIX and gain exciting prospects for the future: Once you have completed your apprenticeship, a career within the company is yours for the taking.

Depending on your graduation certificate or vocational training, here at SIX you can complete basic training (B profile), or extended basic training (E profile), or obtain a vocational diploma (M profile).

Apprenticeship Opportunities

Apply Now to Kick off Your Career at SIX

Your Application

Your application to complete vocational training at SIX contains the following documents:

  • Cover letter
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Copies of report cards from the complete upper level of high school
  • Multicheck results

The Multicheck suitability analysis is part of the application and helps us to correctly assess your school knowledge (mathematics and languages), your potential (logical thinking, concentration, short-term memory, ability to retain knowledge and power of imagination) as well as your organizational skills.

How to Apply

The application process will start at the beginning of September. You can choose one of the following three application options:

Apprentice Training C037
Hardturmstrasse 201
P.O. Box 1521
8021 Zurich