Our innovation strategy is focused on these four key areas of the financial industry:

SIX Is an Essential Partner and Sponsor of the F10

F10 is a FinTech accelerator which advises start-ups in transforming their ideas into successful companies while stimulating worldwide collaboration with international financial companies. The accelerator already has a proven track record of innovation, acceleration and product creation for financial market.

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Innovative Solutions

SIX identifies relevant technologies and good ideas. We want our customers to benefit from both as soon as possible. So, together with our partners, we are constantly examining and developing innovative solutions. Read more about some of our most important current projects to see for yourself what we do.  

xChain - Wikipedia for Corporate Actions

Goal of the project: SIX aims to improve the data quality in its corporate action process in order to minimize the risks involved in this process.

Status: Minimum viable product

Background information: Every year millions of events, such as dividend payments, share splits and capital increases, occur in global securities trading. These corporate actions affect hundreds of market participants in each case – from the issuers who trigger them through to the investors affected. Redundant manual processes slow down the process.

Together with customers and industry experts, SIX is pursuing within F10 a new means of processing corporate actions: at a high level of quality, efficiently and with minimal risk.

xChain combines collective intelligence as used by Wikipedia with distributed ledger technology (blockchain). It allows market participants to validate corporate actions concurrently. They share their knowledge in a kind of social network. They evaluate each other in turn. An incentive system rewards accurate data.



XBTR on Distributed Ledger - More Efficient Processing of OTC Transactions

Goal of the project: SIX seeks to make the processing of OTC transactions in structured products more efficient by using distributed ledger technology.

Status: Minimum Viable Product

Background information: XBTR is a bilateral trading platform at SIX Swiss Exchange. Professional market participants in the interbank business use it to trade structured products that are not listed on the exchange (this is called over-the-counter (OTC) trading).

Hitherto, the settlement of such OTC transactions has been partly manual and therefore time-consuming and prone to error. XBTR can simplify this by automating the settlement of such trades. By linking XBTR to a new platform XDL - using distributed ledger technology (DLT) - the processing of such OTC transactions can be further centralized and automated. In addition this has the possibility to shorten the settlement time, reduce costs and minimize risk. SIX is currently investigating whether this is feasible. 

SIX Cyber Security

More intelligent, faster, more precise

Business data is a company's most precious commodity. Several studies have shown that companies in Switzerland tend to underestimate the risk of a cyber attack, although this is one of the biggest threat for companies. 

cyber attacks on companies were registered in 2017
2.6 billion
data records have been stolen during these attacks
3.62 million
is the estimated average cost per attack
Swiss companies have been target of a cyber attack in 2017

SIX is fostering new FinTech ideas and innovations and thus actively promotes the further development and future-readiness for the Swiss financial market.

Cooperation and Partnerships

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