Our innovation strategy is focused on these four key areas of the financial industry:

New Business Unit Innovation & Digital

SIX consolidates its innovation organization into a new business unit. Innovation & Digital is set to become the innovative drive behind new infrastructure services for the Swiss financial center. In addition to reinforcement of its organizational structure, SIX is also investing CHF 50 million in a venture fund to promote innovation in the Swiss financial center. Innovation partnerships with banks will be intensified in the infrastructure field. New services will be developed together with individual banking groups to better meet specific user requirements. A competence center for relevant disruptive technologies (blockchain, advanced analytics, etc.) is also emerging.

SIX Is an Essential Partner and Sponsor of the F10

F10 is a FinTech accelerator which advises start-ups in transforming their ideas into successful companies while stimulating worldwide collaboration with international financial companies. The accelerator already has a proven track record of innovation, acceleration and product creation for financial market.

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Innovative Solutions

SIX identifies relevant technologies and good ideas. We want our customers to benefit from both as soon as possible. So, together with our partners, we are constantly examining and developing innovative solutions. Read more about some of our most important current projects to see for yourself what we do.  

SIX Cyber Security

Intelligenter, schneller, genauer.

Business data is a company's most precious commodity. Several studies have shown that companies in Switzerland tend to underestimate the risk of a cyber attack, although this is one of the biggest threat for companies. 

cyber attacks on companies were registered in 2017
2.6 billion
data records have been stolen during these attacks
3.62 million
is the estimated average cost per attack
Swiss companies have been target of a cyber attack in 2017

The new security: The cognitive Security Operations Center (SOC) of SIX

SIX has set up the first cognitive Security Operations Center (SOC) tasked with protecting the critical infrastructure of the Swiss financial center. The SOC of SIX works around the clock (24x7x365) and is the first in Switzerland to use IBM Watson Cognitive Computing. As the operator of the stock exchange, SIX has to be able to rely on maximum security. The SOC must duly satisfy the highest demands. 

  • Managed Security Services for banks and insurances

    The SOC protects also banks and insurance companies from cyber attacks. The Managed Security Services of SIX provide especially small and medium-sized banks and insurances with access to a security solution that is otherwise developed only by the big banks for their own purposes.

    Thanks to the compliance experience of SIX, the solution has been aligned to meet regulatory requirements, even when these are subject to change. Data remains with the client at all times; only security incidents are passed on for analysis – data always remains in Switzerland at all times.



SIX is fostering new FinTech ideas and innovations and thus actively promotes the further development and future-readiness for the Swiss financial market.

Cooperation and Partnerships

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