Our innovation strategy is focused on these four key areas of the financial industry:


SIX has its own "lab" for innovations: the Innovation@SIX Lab at F10. SIX employees get to meet young founders, external experts and customers. Without the distraction of daily business, together they can work on developing joint ideas. The mutual exchange during Sprints and Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development fosters close-to-the-market innovation.

Good ideas lay the groundwork for innovation. SIX utilizes all of them because doing so takes advantage of the creativity and commitment of our employees: everyone at SIX has access to an easy-to-use online tool so they can enter their ideas whenever they want. SIX regularly reviews these ideas and, thanks to a defined innovation process, can quickly recognize those with potential.

Good ideas should be developed into market-ready products as soon as possible: during a Sprint, a small team creates a business case based on the design-thinking method. Sprint teams are highly diversified: they are often comprised of an IT architect, a creative thinker and a sales expert. Then, based on the business case, the team develops a prototype and advises SIX management on the next steps.

If both the business case and prototype pass the Proof of Concept, then the next step is usually to develop a Minimum Viable Product. A MVP is the bare bones version of a product or service. This allows the product development process to remain as lean as possible. Pilot customers give feedback that is used for ongoing monitoring and for making adjustments.

SIX integrates a successful MVP into its existing products and services portfolio. The business area in charge is responsible for constantly improving and developing it further.

SIX is an essential partner and sponsor of the F10

F10 is a FinTech accelerator which advises start-ups in transforming their ideas into successful companies while stimulating worldwide collaboration with international financial companies. The accelerator already has a proven track record of innovation, acceleration and product creation for financial market.

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Innovative Solutions

SIX identifies relevant technologies and good ideas. We want our customers to benefit from both as soon as possible. So, together with our partners, we are constantly examining and developing innovative solutions. Read more about some of our most important current projects to see for yourself what we do.  

Enter the FinTech Games and win your own company!

The FinTech Games are the Olympics of the finance industry, providing a global stage for the brightest and best to shape the future of digital finance. By competing, you will create brilliant FinTech innovations, as well as fine-tuning your entrepreneurial skills. After completing all of our four disciplines, you’ll be in with the chance of winning your own company, with the financial backing to get it off the starting blocks.

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Join us for the #SIXHackathon: 16 to 18 March 2018 in Zurich

The #SIXHackathon is a 48 hours programming competition during which software programmers, graphic and interface designers, and subject-matter-experts create a usable solution to a problem. The #SIXHackathon aims on creating new FinTech ideas and prototypes. We want nothing less than to change the financial industry! Everyone who is interested  to join our fourth edition is very welcome to apply. 

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SIX is fostering new FinTech ideas and innovations and thus actively promotes the further development and future-readiness for the Swiss financial market.

Cooperation and Partnerships

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