SIX draws on its full potential because it makes use of the creativity and dedication of its employees. Via an online-based tool, it is simple and easy for all employees to suggest at any time new solutions for the current needs of the financial industry. SIX reviews these suggestions and identifies the potential for innovation that may be hiding in them.

Good ideas are to be developed into market-ready products as soon as possible. During a “sprint,” a small team creates a business case based on the design-thinking method. Sprint teams are highly diversified: they are often composed of an IT architect, a creative thinker and a sales expert. The team develops a prototype based on the business case.

If both the business case and prototype pass the proof of concept, the next step is usually to develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). A MVP is the bare bones version of a product or service. This allows the product development process to remain as lean as possible. Pilot customers give feedback that is used for ongoing monitoring and for making adjustments.

SIX integrates a successful MVP into its existing products and services portfolio and continues to develop it.

How We Innovate

Open Innovation

Innovation builds on ideas from groups with different experience. The best ideas come at the most unlikely places and times. Open Innovation at SIX means focusing on the customer and new approaches to business challenges. Together with customers and partners, we discover innovative methods, technologies and business models and drive their implementation forward. SIX accepts challenges that go beyond previous experience. We create added value for our customers through collaboration and openness.

Bank-Driven Innovation

Not only internally do we generate solutions for market needs. We also initiate innovations with our customers and shareholders. We record their needs, review opportunities for optimization and create concepts for new solutions and jointly implement them.

Innovation Community Builders

Innovation is all about people. We actively build an innovation community by running events and supporting the industry with our expertise.

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