SIX is constantly working on developing and launching new services to meet current and future industry challenges. Learn which innovative services SIX has in the pipeline or has recently brought to the market.

SIX Cloud

Banks need a trustworthy infrastructure to reduce their internal complexity, increase time to market as well as obtain access to innovative artificial intelligence and analytics services. Cloud services, like banking as a service, are massively gaining in importance for the Swiss financial center. At the same time, US-based providers are disqualified in Switzerland due to the US Cloud Act. SIX is ideally positioned to deliver a trustworthy and secure Cloud even in a regulated environment. With this initiative SIX will lead the way and shape the Swiss financial market place by creating a platform for digital ecosystems. 

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SIX Digital Exchange

SIX Digital Exchange will be the first market infrastructure in the world to offer a fully integrated end to end trading, settlement and custody service for digital assets. The service will provide a safe environment for issuing and trading digital assets, and enable the tokenization of existing securities and non-bankable assets to make previously untradeable assets tradeable. Following an agile approach to meet the needs of today’s dynamic environment, the first services will be rolled out in mid-2019. 

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SIX Cyber Security

At the end of 2018 SIX launched its offering Managed Security Services (MSS) to protect banks and insurance companies against cyber attacks. The service is based on the Security Operations Center (SOC) of SIX. It provides 24x7x365 security event monitoring and triage, transparent service reporting, and system changes as requested by the customer.

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Deal Pool

Deal Pool is a new central and electronic support tool for the Swiss Franc fixed income primary market in Switzerland. The tool offers institutional investors and banks information about upcoming Swiss Franc bond offerings in a timely, standardized and convenient manner. Deal Pool is a perfect example how SIX provides new solutions to the marketplace that make it more efficient and less prone to error. 

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Advanced Tax Services – Reclaim

SIX offers an end-to-end service for the reclaim of withholding taxes – a market first. The ‘Tax Reclaim’ service creates significant opportunities for banks and investors to optimize revenues and returns that – due to cost considerations – were only available to large scale investors in the past. With this new offering, SIX takes over the entire process chain from market-specific tax form creation, through coordinating with relevant tax authorities right up until tax refunds. This approach streamlines and optimizes the complete value-chain – banks gain efficiency through reduced complexity and new clients. And investors profit from higher returns on their investments.

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