Business Units

SIX offers products and services for securities trading, stock market transactions, financial information and payment transactions in four business units: Securities & Exchanges, Banking Services, Financial Information and Innovation & Digital.

SIX in Figures

1.94 bn 1.94 bn
CH was the operating income of SIX in 2018
2.88 bn 2.88 bn
CHF was the group net profit of SIX in 2018
2,594 2,594
employees in 20 countries work at SIX
70.8 % 70.8 %
market share of trading in SLI stocks (average)
610.5 mn 610.5 mn
interbank clearing transactions were settled by SIX in 2018
32.4 mn 32.4 mn
financial instruments are in the database of SIX

More facts and figures? Have a look at the media release on the annual results 2018 and read the Annual Report 2018

Purpose Statement

We drive competitiveness of our customers in Swiss and international financial markets through superior services and innovation.

The Strategic Target Picture of SIX

Where will SIX be in five years’ time? How will SIX be perceived by partners, clients, market participants, institutions and relevant interest groups in 2023? The new strategy will be successfully implemented when the following target picture is in people’s minds:

SIX has orchestrated...

... the reshaping and industrialization of the Swiss financial center through new innovative products and services.

SIX has modernized...

... its infrastructure and runs best-in-class systems and services.

SIX has actively promoted and shaped...

... the digital transformation of the Swiss financial center.

SIX has maintained and strengthened...

... the access to its key markets and customers.

In 2023, SIX will thus continue to present itself as a highly reliable and trustworthy partner. SIX is the preferred provider for financial market participants for infrastructure and value-adding services in the areas of securities, financial information and banking services. At the same time, SIX is recognized as the key driving force for new innovative services in the banking and financial services sector, domestically and internationally.

Systemic Importance

SIX is the backbone of the Swiss financial center. Without our high-performance platforms the Swiss economy would come to a standstill. Our systemically important services are monitored by the Swiss National Bank (SNB) and the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).

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SIX has stood for innovation and stability on the global financial markets since 2008. Our strength is founded on our history: SIX was formed from the merger of experienced financial companies – with their beginnings going back to around 1930.