Directly Generated and Distributed Value 2017

The value generated directly by SIX includes the operating income, the financial result, the interest income and the share in profit of associates. It benefits all the company’s stakeholder groups: suppliers, employees, providers of capital, the public sector and the community.

in CHF million 2017 2016 Change Change in %
1. Direct Value Generated 1971,40 1880,50 90,90 4,83 %
2. Value Distributed         
   Payments to Suppliers -933,29 -819,02 -114,27 13,95 %
   Payments to Employees -626,1 -628,40 2,30 -0,37 %
   Payments to Providers of Capital -174,60 -191,00 16,40 -8,59 %
   Payments to the Public sector -59,50 -58,60 -0,90 1,54 %
   Payments to the Community -2,48 -3,88 1,40 -36,02 %
3. Value Retained 175,43 179,60 -4,17 -2,32 %

Stability of Systems

It is of central importance for the economy that the financial center functions smoothly. Major events such as a long-lasting power outage, floods, acts of sabotage or pandemics and, above all, chaos on the financial markets could significantly destabilize the financial system and, as a result, the Swiss economy. SIX ensures the smooth operation of the infrastructure even in crisis situations. In addition, SIX aims to promote general conditions that are beneficial to Switzerland as a financial center and to offer international investors and companies long-term planning certainty.

With a constant eye on the future, SIX works continuously on new services that will continue to ensure stability.

Innovation and Technological Change

F10 Incubator & Accelerator

F10 is an innovation program for the future of the financial sector. SIX launched the initiative in 2015 with the aim of promoting technological innovation in FinTech and successfully establishing start-ups on the market. In October 2016, SIX opened up the initiative for collaboration, reorganized F10 as an independent association and involved other Swiss companies in the banking, insurance and consultancy sectors.

Hundreds of start-ups from around the world apply each year for the F10 accelerator program.

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Innovation und technologischer Wandel

E-Bill – Manage All Your Invoices Digitally

In 2017, SIX made further progress in driving forward the development of its infrastructure for digital bills. The new eBill service makes electronic payments via e-banking even more direct, swift and transparent – for individuals and companies. 

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Cybersecurity and Data Protection

Data Protection

SIX places great importance on data and information protection, which it considers essential. Physical security measures in the data centers and employees who are trained in handling data, information and business documents ensure that this protection is in place. SIX has issued several Group directives setting out specific rules of conduct and provides employees with obligatory and optional training and the opportunity to take part in theme-specific events. As a service provider in the card business, SIX is also obliged to undergo the annual certification process for the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).


Using the Latest Findings from Research

Thanks to a partnership with ETH Zurich, SIX benefits from the latest research findings on information security. A working group at the Zurich Security and Privacy Center (ZISC), for example, is conducting research on a secure and reliable Internet architecture which prevents hacker attacks and eavesdropping. In the evaluation of new authentification methods, SIX is working with the ETH-spin-off Futurae. 

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Public Affairs

SIX shares its comprehensive knowledge of financial market themes through its work in relevant industry associations and interest groups. Each year, SIX draws up around 20 responses to consultations that are significant for the Swiss financial center.