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In this edition:

  • Digital technology has become a cultural technology. Editorial by Alain Schmid, Head Payments Services, Credit Suisse (Switzerland) Ltd.
  • Visually impaired people recognize a great deal of potential in the QR-bill. Daniela Moser from the Swiss association for the blind and visually impaired explains the reasons.
  • QR-bill – the countdown is on. Swiss banks and software providers are in the final run-up.
  • Digital wallet meets the QR-bill. An integration of the digital wallet in the QR-bill is aimed at.
  • ISO 20022 marks a new era. The whole world is switching over to the new ISO 20022 standard version in 2022.
  • Structured addresses. Will they be binding also in Switzerland?
  • b.Link – Open Banking. Made in Switzerland.
  • Tokenization is becoming increasingly important for the encryption of sensitive data.


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