The combination of Request to Pay and instant payments has the potential to transform direct debit as well as POS and e-commerce business. And what role does eBill play in this? Further key topics in the magazine:
  • Former CEO of TWINT, Thierry Kneissler, reveals why instant payments will become a game changer in payment traffic.
  • An on-site visit Zurich start-up Yokoy, which has specialized in one of the world’s most boring subjects and is making quite a splash with that. 
  • eBill sets new records month after month, but use differs significantly by region. The barometer from Ajoie and Val Mesolcina to Zurich.
  • Creating eBill invoices: from the simplest option to the flexible ideal solution.
  • EBICS and migration to the new version 3.0: as simple as possible, as complex as necessary.
  • Declining transaction numbers with the same ATM coverage? The global answer to this is ATM pooling.  
  • OpenWealth: a “killer feature” for global wealth management. Who invented it?
  • Use of cash: Switzerland compared with other countries.

This and more in the new PAY magazine. Download it as a PDF. Or take a look at the double page spread.


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