With the QR-bill In the Champions League

With a view to the introduction of the QR-bill, Markus Käfer, SFS services Ltd, sums it up: “Wherever manual recording still takes place, it’s time to think about automation.“

They are happy, but want to know more

According to a public survey conducted by the market research institute companies express confidence in the QR-bill. However, only a minority feels sufficiently informed about the adjustments.

Open Banking in Switzerland

Based on standardized interfaces, the exchange of customer data between banks and third-party providers presents Swiss financial institutions with an opportunity to remain competitive.

Instant Payments

From promise to successful products: EBA CLEARING‘s pan-European infrastructure solution for request to pay could provide an important push to unlock the true potential of instant payments.

eBill – Network Partner Model

The new model promises more coverage and a new wave of service innovations related to invoicing while promoting competition and innovation.