Issue and Receive Invoices via a Single Connection

SIX is your partner when it comes to digitizing your invoicing and cash flow processes. All Swiss banks and a large number of software companies are part of our network. Whether large corporations or SMEs, we are able to digitize the entire invoicing process from end to end – from invoice issuing all the way through to invoice receipt. Invoice dispatch, processing and distribution to all your corporate and private customers – SIX is a one-stop-shop for all your requirements.

How You Will Benefit


Optimize your processes, minimize sources of error, and reduce time and costs


Send and receive trustworthy invoices thanks to validation steps and system stability


Exceptional industry connections, standardized interfaces and connections to other networks provide high coverage

About This Service

How It Works

From submission and processing all the way through to delivery of your invoices to the right recipients – Paynet can carry out the full range of invoice-related activities for you.


Invoice Dispatch

  • You can reach all electronic invoice recipients in Switzerland (both corporate and private customers) via a single channel
  • Check, validate and convert invoices based on your customers’ requirements
  • Meet your customers’ digitization requirements
  • Send invoices seamlessly via secure channels


Invoice Receipt

  • Reduce your manual workload
  • Ensure your invoices are issued to the right recipients
  • Complete transparency with regard to received invoices
  • Fully automated invoice processing with an order reference
  • No spam, no phishing




Solutions for Different Needs

For digital beginners and workflow users right through to fully automated processing via your ERP systems.



The Paynet systems use various digital certificates to meet security and auditing requirements. In the sections listed here, you can find all the certificates that we use in our test and production environment.

Login Certificates

To access the Paynet system, SIX offers the option of using client certificates. This applies to access via the web server and to access to the Paynet customer portal.

In order to guarantee a high level of security, the certificates must meet the following conditions:

  • Validity: Not expired
  • Version: V3
  • Signature algorithm: sha224RSA, sha256RSA, sha384RSA, sha512RSA
  • Key length: At least RSA (2,048 bits)
  • Key usage: Client authentication
  • Issuer: See list below

Once a valid certificate is available, the main contact in charge of eBill at your company must send the certificate's public key to via e-mail.

All certificates from the following Issuers that meet our conditions can be used for the Paynet system. Companies that want to use certificates from other third-party providers are asked to contact SIX.