To access the Paynet system, SIX offers the option of using client certificates. This applies to access via the web server and to access to the Paynet customer portal.

In order to guarantee a high level of security, the certificates must meet the following conditions:

  • Validity: Not expired
  • Version: V3
  • Signature algorithm: sha224RSA, sha256RSA, sha384RSA, sha512RSA
  • Key length: At least RSA (2,048 bits)
  • Key usage: Client authentication
  • Issuer: See list below

Once a valid certificate is available, the main contact in charge of eBill at your company must send the certificate's public key to via e-mail.

All certificates from the following Issuers that meet our conditions can be used for the Paynet system. Companies that want to use certificates from other third-party providers are asked to contact SIX.