Secure connection via a single, standardized platform

bLink Connects Financial Institutions with Third Party Providers

With bLink, SIX makes available a platform for standardized interfaces (API, application programming interface) to financial institutions as well as to software and service providers. Platform participants connect with each other easily and securely. They exchange payment transaction data with each other in order to offer their customers innovative solutions for account information and payment submission.

How You Will Benefit

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Transparency and Control for the Customer

It is always transparent for the customer which providers have access to their data. They can expand or end the access thereto.
Information is exchanged online, always upon the customer’s consent (e.g. in their e-banking).

That's How bLink Works

Standardized, efficient, sustainable

bLink of SIX links the provider of your accounting solution directly with your financial institution, allowing access to account information (AIS) and automatic transfer of payment submissions (PSS).


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The financial institutions and third party providers listed below offer the services "Account Information (AIS) for accounting solutions and financial institutions" and "Payment Submission (PSS) for accounting solutions and financial institutions".

Use the link to connect directly to the bLink participant of your choice.

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