Running national ATM networks

Running national ATM networks

Banks have been working together for a long time in numerous European countries. This is how it all began at SIX. Even today, we support the Swiss financial center and Liechtenstein with the operation of the ATM network.

Thanks to our tradition as a central service provider for the Swiss financial center and Liechtenstein, SIX operates the ATM networks in these two countries with around 6,000 ATMs.

SIX defines and manages common standards and requirements for the respective networks and processes the bank-spanning and bank-owned transactions.

In addition, SIX plays a leading role in strategic alignment and development. In Switzerland, for example, as an infrastructure provider, we are playing a leading role in the development of a completely new generation of ATM services. The requirements include interoperability, standardized and vendor-independent software, a harmonized migration process, uniform design and efficient operating concepts.

As a manufacturer-independent financial infrastructure provider, SIX provides banks with a monitoring solution for the counter infrastructure. In addition, SIX offers banks business process outsourcing tailored to their needs. This includes operating services such as the monitoring and control of service providers as well as license management.