SIX contributes to the standardization of the national and international payment traffic.



SIX Interbank Clearing is involved in several committees focused on questions of standardization concerning the national and international payment traffic. It thus contributes to Swiss banks being able to set up products and services in a timely fashion and to do so on solid and market-driven platforms while facilitating the smooth operation of payments.


The new QR-bill, which has been successively replacing all current Swiss payment slips since June 2020, shows a QR code with Swiss cross as the identifying feature. This Swiss QR Code contains in digital form all the information necessary for payment.



  • Swiss Implementation Guidelines QR-bill

    Technical and functional specifications of the payment section with Swiss QR Code and of the receipt

    Open document


IBAN is the international standard for the presentation of an account number. It was created the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and the ECBS (European Committee for Banking Standards) in order to rationalize cross-border payments.

The presentation of traditional accounts numbers in standardized IBAN format simplifies the recording, transmission and processing of payment data.


"Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard" (EBICS) is an Internet-based communication protocol for payment transactions between corporate customers and banks. The standard has grown increasingly important in the Swiss financial center in recent years. 

Recommendations on implementing Version 2.x

The present EBICS standard recommendations for the Swiss financial center have been supported by Swiss financial institutions since 2016. Its use by the institutions in Switzerland is voluntary.  


Recommendations on implementing Version 3.0

The recommendations for EBICS Version 3.0 will be supported by Swiss financial institutions from November 2021. The availability of this version for the migration of earlier EBICS versions (2.x) must be coordinated with the individual financial institutions.


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