Market Data

Market Data

Your Real-Time Database of Global Market Data

Connecting You to the Global Markets

The complex nature of global markets is a challenge for financial institutions.
SIX consolidates and standardizes market data from over 1,800 sources to create an authoritative data source for financial professionals.

Our stream of market quotes comes from the broadest range of sources. The data is delivered in real-time, intraday, and end-of-day formats, regardless of where in the world it originates.

From individual wealth managers to major media organizations, our customers use SIX to gain a comprehensive view of global markets.

How You Will Benefit

Consolidated, Enriched Data at Your Fingertips

SIX sources and consolidates market data from all over the world, fine-tuning our service to the evolving needs of finance professionals.

The market data provided by SIX facilitates systematic comparison and analysis of global securities, using detailed information, such as time and sales data, for a precise view of market conditions. In case you need additional market data our international teams are happy to assist you.

Access our market data via consolidated feeds, desktop display terminals, and mobile platforms. 

Data conformity and regulatory aspects are important references for us to build a high-quality valuation price service.

Bruno Schuler, Senior Content Manager, SIX

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About This Service

The global market data service from SIX gives our customers a comprehensive view of global markets. We maintain and enhance the service according to the evolving needs of both finance professionals and the end investors that they serve.

Delivery Options

Market data can be delivered via the high-performance Market Data Feed (MDF) that is available in two interfaces:  

  • MDFstream is a high-volume, broadcast data feed optimized for real-time services and data distribution platforms that require market data streaming for larger instrument universes.
  • MDFselect is well suited for applications that demand mid-to-high-range throughput, but with greater flexibility to select snapshot or streaming data for individual instruments. 

Available Market Data

Depending on your chosen interface you can access the following data:
  • Real-time prices 
  • Delayed prices
  • Intraday price time series
  • Historical time series 
  • Reference (master) data

Data-Driven Innovation Through Analytics

The history of corporate actions from SIX goes back more than 25 years and provides access to the same detailed corporation actions data available on each instrument as the daily corporate actions service. This can be complemented with securities pricing information going back to the early 1980s. With a focus on primary, official and trusted sources and building on a highly structured data model, SIX has been delivering proven data quality for 90 years.