Master the Portfolio Data Challenge

ImpaQt combines a single source of complete data from SIX and expert quantitative risk methods from swissQuant Group to help you turn investment suitability, portfolio optimization and risk management to your advantage.

With ImpaQt you can save time and costs with a single enriched data source; make split-second decisions to build and shape client portfolios; and keep your clients protected with security and confidentiality by design. ImpaQt is the perfect tool for improving your Portfolio Advisory Processes across the board on an ongoing basis.

Focus your effort on wealth management, let us take care of risk and portfolio management, compliance and data licensing.

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How You Will Benefit

Make Better Investment Decisions

In the face of stiffer competition and lower margins as well as regulatory and technological disruption, today’s wealth managers are looking for new ways to differentiate their businesses.

Firms must balance client desires for objective, personalized advice with efficiently building, monitoring and managing portfolios that respect the firm’s own investment views.

ImpaQt enables customers to improve their portfolio advisory processes to ensure both quality and efficiency. It combines a single source of accurate, complete data from SIX with expert quantitative risk methods from swissQuant Group, enabling firms to turn investment suitability, portfolio monitoring and adjustment, and on-the-spot risk management to their advantage.

ImpaQt is built on a powerful partnership between swissQuant and SIX. To find out more about swissQuant, visit the swissQuant website

Obtaining data and related licenses for applications usually implies additional effort for institutions. With ImpaQt, SIX delivers the pre-calculated data and manages the licensing.*

Janine Hofer-Wittwer, Senior Product Propositions Manager, SIX * subject to required direct licenses and applicable fees

Has Technology Changed Wealth Management?

SIX has teamed up with partner swissQuant and Wealth Briefing, the news service for the global wealth management sector, to discuss topical issues affecting wealth management at a round table.

About This Service

With ImpaQt, wealth managers have the tools and data to offer objective, personalized investment advice based on high-quality data, develop tightly tailored portfolios, and ultimately monitor and manage all client portfolios more efficiently. Data from SIX power the complex quantitative models for the risk and portfolio optimization calculations. Learn more about how ImpaQt can support you in this section.


ImpaQt: Service Overview

With ImpaQt, wealth managers have the tools and data to optimize client portfolios actively and efficiently, whilst meeting regulatory requirements. Read our factsheet to find out more. 

How ImpaQt Works

The majority of calculations are performed on SIX servers and the relevant sensitivity, correlation and instrument risk data are transmitted one-way to our clients. The pre-calculated risk figures are then aggregated with portfolio information within the bank, and are available at your disposal. The main advantages of precalculating the risk figures at SIX are: confidentiality, as no client or portfolio data leaves your bank, and speed, as client portfolios can be recalculated on the spot.

Full Advisory Process Covered

ImpaQt covers the full advisory process by supporting the following steps:

  • Wealth planning: know your client
  • Client profiling: determine the risk profile
  • Portfolio construction: initial investment proposal
  • Portfolio health checks: monitoring of client portfolios
  • Pretrade suitability: suitable investment proposals
  • Portfolio adjustment: support for the adjustment of client portfolios

Reliable and Complete Calculated Data
from SIX

The award-winning data from SIX powers your advisory and portfolio management process. Don’t worry about data licensing with the data source – SIX supports you with it. For example, ImpaQt provides integrated calculated data, fed straight into your system, data licenses for 1500+ sources, full coverage of all types of instruments, confidentiality of client data and portfolio calculations in split seconds as most of the computations are performed at SIX.