Webinar: Corporate Actions Automation at a Crossroads

Webinar: Corporate Actions Automation at a Crossroads

About the Webinar

Securities trading firms are trending toward a crossroads for corporate actions processing. True automation is coming to a realm that has been held back by manual or partially manual activities. To overcome these problems, many firms either have an automation project underway or are preparing to launch an effort for that last mile to automation.

The reasons for doing so have become painfully clear:

  • The pandemic-induced lockdown underscored the necessity of full automation;
  • Firms are under pressure to shift staff from manual systems to higher-level pursuits;
  • Market volatility is exponentially increasing volumes of corporate action notifications;
  • Most firms have corporate actions data quality and legacy technology concerns that need the attention of upper management;
  • And major IT disruptors such as cloud computing and artificial intelligence are showing great promise in helping firms leapfrog over legacy IT and manual systems.

Despite an onslaught of IT and market disruptions, the promises of automation have consistently remained true for corporate actions processing. More than ever, firms need to cut operating costs, optimally manage high tides of corporate actions volumes, bolster client care, and make workflows more flexible.

The discussion will cover:

  • What are the data quality pain-points that automation can resolve?
  • How can firms maintain clean corporate actions data that new IT systems will need?
  • What is the biggest corporate actions concern that firms have about moving to fuller automation?
  • What are the first steps in transforming the manual aspects of corporate actions processing into automated systems?
  • Do current market conditions make it easier for Ops teams to justify automation?
  • What technologies and API connections can help firms take a major leap of faith into automation?
  • What will happen to corporate actions staff members if more manual systems are replaced 

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