Join the SIX Cyber Security Hub

Join the SIX Cyber Security Hub

Protect your organization against cyber attacks. Collaborate with other financial institutions and SIX.

Become Part of a Closed Community against Cyber Attacks

Resilience against cyber attacks is key to preserve the attractiveness and stability of a financial center. In an ever evolving threat landscape this can only be assured in a cooperative environment where information and experience are shared.

Based on its expertise as a provider of state-of-the-art infrastructure services, SIX has set up a closed community for financial institutions in Switzerland around cyber security matters. Community members regularly exchange information and receive insights from their peers and the experts of SIX.

Stay on top of current cyber risks. Let us help you to defend your organization against cyber threats. 

All Swiss banks and insurance companies regulated by FINMA are invited to join. Membership is free. 

What You Can Expect From a Membership

Your institution will receive information on cyber security targeted specifically to banks and insurance companies. This is how members profit from the Cyber Security Hub, amonst other things:

Become part of a closed community that shares information on a regular basis to learn from each other

Get a Threat Landscape Report for strategic briefing of your decision-makers

Access a library with best practice use cases and playbooks by SIX and other participants

Get All The Details

Our flyer provides you with more detailed information on how the SIX Cyber Security Hub supports your business. 

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