Digital Risk Monitoring

Digital Risk Monitoring

Tracing Your Tracks

Your Security in Good Hands

SIX monitors the digital footprint of both your organization and your partner firms. This holistic analysis comprises three aspects: technological, human and organizational.

Firstly, we monitor your technology, for example: cloud storage, the entire enterprise network and domain name servers (DNS), patching, source codes and programs. Secondly, the human aspect encompasses employees and their partners, social media behavior, credentials and darknet crawling. Finally, our coverage includes organizational topics such as domains, sub-domains, roots, your shadow IT, brand and reputation risks.

How You Will Benefit

About the Service

Everything your organization, technology or employees do leaves a digital footprint – and is a potential source of risk. Digital risk monitoring from SIX ensures that you are always able to trace those steps, understand your risks and stay aware of any weaknesses in your digital infrastructure.

Service Overview

With digital risk monitoring from SIX, you get the full, holistic picture of your digital footprint at all times, 24x7x365. Through a single dashboard you can understand your technological, human and organizational risks and receive a risk rating and immediate incident alerts. SIX also provides the risk benchmark – allowing you to compare your digital footprint with other market participants.

Service Breakdown

Digital risk monitoring as a service is available on a modular basis. However many modules you choose, every service provides integrated, holistic information. Services include:

  • Enterprise Monitoring
  • Third Party Monitoring
  • Risk Prediction
  • Risk Rating
  • Asset Discovery and Management
  • Shadow IT