Managed SOAR

Managed SOAR

Security Orchestration, Automation and Response

Optimize Your Security

Managed SOAR helps to relieve your security experts and shortens the response time in case of security incidents. Additionally, it can drive the automation of your workflows.

How You Will Benefit

Operation and Management of the Platform

SIX helps to configure, adapt and manage the necessary components for you to respond more effectively to incidents. This means that SIX operates, and continuously manages, the SOAR Platform at your premises.

SIX deploys and maintains the SOAR platform. It will be rolled out in at least two instances (test and productive). The service includes upgrades and patches. SIX integrates your SIEM solution to provide you with generated incidents, or relevant events, on your SOAR Platform.

Security Orchestration

Orchestrate your entire workflow and integrate your tools.
The service includes the orchestration of your various tools such as SIEM, ticketing system, e-mail, threat intelligence platform, potential customer identity provider or CMDB. This gives you the opportunity to investigate and response to security incidents. The service also includes training and the predefined basic or standard set of playbooks. Playbooks are always developed in close cooperation.

The following features can be part of the service:

  • You use the functionalities provided by the SOAR Platform, such as default playbook integration and automation.
  • You use the automations and playbooks provided by SIX, such as abstracted platform-independent commands, for individual investigation steps.
  • You create your own playbooks and ensure compatibility. SIX will be happy to support and advise you

Security Automation

Move human interaction into a workflow.
SIX supports you in automating multiple manual actions to implement a SIEM and integrates your SIEM solution via workflows so that they work together using the SOAR Platform. SIX helps companies configure, customize, integrate, and deploy SOAR playbooks to reduce response time.

The following features can be part of the service:

  • Support in tuning and learning what can be automated.
  • Analysis of the quality of the workflows.