Security Operations Center as a Service

Security Operations Center as a Service

From the Financial Sector, for the Financial Sector

Trust SIX with Your Cyber Security

Security Operations Center (SOC) as a Service from SIX gives you access to a best-in-class SOC, fully compliant with FINMA monitoring requirements and the SWIFT Customer Security Program. Our SOC connects with your on-premise Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) system to collect and aggregate security events and netflow data. Threats are identified in near-real-time and suspected incidents are forwarded for analysis at the SOC, 24x7x365, with a recommended course of action presented immediately once our analysts confirm the anomaly. 

How You Will Benefit

We can assess attacks in a more intelligent, swift and precise manner. Processes which would normally take half an hour are automatic, freeing analysts to better focus on the investigation.

Thomas Rhomberg, Head Security Operations & Transformation, SIX

About This Service

SOC as a Service by SIX

The SIX SOC was built with the financial sector in mind in order to counter threats intelligently, swiftly and precisely. With SOC as a Service, clients benefit from that finance-driven cyber threat intelligence and a use case library relevant to their needs, including Swiss, global, finance-driven feeds. Customers can stay on top of threats with our incident response platform, customer interaction platform, and either managed or Bring Your Own SIEM as well as basic digital risk monitoring.


The Security Solution for the Swiss Financial Center

The SIX SOC enables banks and insurance companies to concentrate on their core business while ensuring cyber security best practice. In this way, SIX makes a significant contribution to making the Swiss financial center safer.