Threat Intelligence Platform as a Service (TIP)

Threat Intelligence Platform as a Service (TIP)

Collect and Compare Your Threat Intelligence Sources

The Platform for the Swiss Financial Center

Effective threat intelligence improves the quality of your analyses. It is crucial to ensure that the right feeds and information are collected in one place and integrated into your own environment.

The mere collection of different feeds overwhelms many security teams. Another important challenge is to find out how effective the global feeds are for a Swiss financial institution and which ones are absolutely necessary. For this reason, SIX operates a Threat Intelligence Platform focused on delivering at feeds relevant for the Swiss financial industry.

How You Will Benefit

About This Service

With the Threat Intelligence Platform as a Service, you can improve your securiy posture through Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) optimized for the Swiss financial center, with the option to integrate it into your own or a managed SIEM.

Threat Intelligence Platform

SIX operates a world leading Threat Intelligence Platform with features that allow complex tasks to be accomplished more efficiently.


Web Access/Dashboard

Web access to the threat intelligence platform at any time. Customers can look up the context related to the indicator of compromises provided in the existing feeds.


SIEM Integration

Direct integration of the threat intelligence platform into either your existing SIEM or advanced SOC as a Service Module by SIX.


Customer TIP Integration

The feed can be integrated into a customer’s existing threat intelligence platform (such as MISP) via API.



Corresponding analysis is performed by the threat intelligence team of SIX in order to continuously tune and optimize the quality of the feeds provided.

  • MSSP-Feeds of SIX
  • Open source feeds (MISP)
  • Commercial feed
  • Phishing feed of SIX
  • Customer feeds
  • Commercial feed (such as FS-ISAC, Mandiant, etc.)
  • Non-commercial feed
  • Vertical specific feeds
  • Customer own feeds or own intelligence